Art two portfolio
1. CD portrait-i think that this project was my most successful because i got an a on it and everybody liked it.  For this project i went outside the box and i made the portrait a mirror with cds so when you look into it that is the portrait.  For this project i used smashed up cds and cardboard and some paint.  I kind of just glued down everything without a plan and it turned out really well.

2.- Book carving- i think the book carving was the most challenging and most annoying project ive ever done.  I think this because the pages are very thick and very hard to carve threw.  i got very frustrated with this project at times.  i over came obsticles by simply doing the project.  i didnot like this project one bit and i would not do it again.

3.mix media and coffee cups- i did the coffee cups first and they weren't  bad but they weren't complete.  so how im showing my growth is not by talent but by work efficiency the mixed media project was the first project i actually completed 100%. so thats how im showing my growth as an artist.

4. This semester we had a lot more choices and opinions than we has last year in art one but i still do not think we had enough. The teachers need to give us a lot more freedom for example we should do two projects for the whole semester one big project for each quarter and you guys make of list of ten things we could do and we get to pick i think this would give us a lot more freedom.

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