Thursday, November 14, 2013

Non traditional self portrait by hunter mayo

1) I didn't really chose one particular person for my portrait my portrait can be if anybody who dares to look into it.
2) for my project I chose to do a bunch of broken up CDs I decided to do this because there were a bunch of extras that no body was using. This mad my project look like a mirror so when you look into it the self portrait is the person looking at it.
3) the risk I took were doing the broken CDs and I had to hot glue them also breaking them I had never done that before but now I have and it wasn't as hard I thought it would be and it turned out pretty good. And the only challenged I faced was laying the CDs down they were very un organized but I think it turned out pretty good.
4) the broken CDs impacted the look to look like a broken mirror and I am very happy with my choices and I don't regret anything. And the connection it had was it's pretty much a mirror so anybody who looks into it is the self portrait.